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Boarding & Day Care

Here at Yuppy Puppy we have a room option that will meet every need of your pet. We are perfect for the spoiled rotten misters and divas. Whether they prefer a more intimate stay or a more active/social stay, we’ve got an option for you. Our suites provide your pet with a customized, intimate stay complete with everything your pet will need for optimal rest and respite!

Things to Know

  • We service the entire St. Charles County area.
  • Pickup and delivery needs to be booked one week in advance.
  • Set up a consultation to discuss pet’s needs and schedule.
  • In-Home Pet Sitting has to be booked at least two weeks in advance for all new clients.
  • Check out is before 11 am to not get charged for an additional day Monday – Saturday. Or add a spa service and pick up as late as close to not be charged for the last day.
  • We recommend booking hotel stays two weeks in advance.

Room Features

Staffed 24/7, custom designed tempered glass suites, raised bedding and daily linen service, soothing nap time music, monitored security and sprinkler system, veterinarian on call (in same building) 24/7, feedings/waterings (own food), treats (owner provided), 4 outdoor on leash potty breaks in one of our vast outdoor areas.


The Luxury Suites | $32 per night/per pet

(multiple pets in same suite, $29/night/pet)
Our most popular option for an intimate stay. Features separate small and large dog lodging. These customized suites can be transformed inter a larger suite ($25/additional/night to expand).

VIP Plaza Suites | $55 per night

(each additional pet $35/night)
Our largest and most luxurious room. Features tempered glass door, garden view, includes private fenced in area just for Plaza Suite guests, and complimentary breakfast room service.

Salutary Suites | $42 per night

This room option promotes health and is perfect for diabetic pets or elderly pets, Includes administration of medication, a visit from the medical staff every day and use of our pace collar. *extra fees may apply if medical staff requires any procedures/testing.

Social Lounge | $42 per night

This option is designed for the playful, fun loving type with good manners and great social skills. Includes unlimited play and kennel for bedtime. Trial daycare required. Pets must have visited Yuppy Puppy Playcamp trial and 3 full days of camp to be a social boarder.

Fancy Feline Sanctuary Suites | $19 per night/per cat

Perfect four our feline friends, includes windows to our courtyard, climbing towers and their own private quarters.

Extra Add-On Options

Me Time | $10

Private 15-20 minutes in their own courtyard to enjoy the outdoors.

Playcamp with Private Suite | $19

6 hours of socialization/play with other guests.

Room Service | $9

Includes morning and evening room service Includes morning and evening, home-style seasonal menu.

Kennel food | $2/feeding

We feed offer a grain free diet, it is always recommended you bring your pets own food to avoid upset tummy’s (Owner provided meals are included in room price, must be in closed/sealed packages or containers.)

Medication | $2/dose administered

Full Service Grooming Salon

Training Options

Professional Photo Session

Provided by Photos by Jess ($20 for private photo session, owner will receive link to purchase photos).

Play Camp

At this “hot spot”, dogs are able to socialize with others. Play camp is located in one of our spacious indoor/outdoor courtyards. Our trained, assertive and calm staff will make sure your pet has a fun and safe time. Socialization of your pets reduces bad behaviors such as, anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, aggression, obesity, and chewing.

All first time play campers must attend a play camp trial day before attending a full day of camp or booking a stay with a play camp option. During this trial, your pet will be assessed by one of our professional trainers.

Trial day | $15 (3 hours)

Trials must be booked in advance.
Trials are done Monday – Friday only by our trainer.
Please bring vaccine records and pet assessment form completed.

Half day | $19

Must be picked up by 1pm to not be charged full day price.

Full day | $25

Starts at drop off and ends at 4:00pm (must pick up before we close).

Playcamp with Groom | $15

Includes at least 3 hours of play before groom.

Playcamp Packages

5 day bundle | $115

30 day bundle | $495

Optional early bird arrival at 6:45 am.

**All package days are good for 6 months from purchase date.

Policies & Fees

Please Note Our Policies Admission: We reserve the right to prohibit admittance of pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior.

The Essential Vaccines: DOGS four months and older need up-to-date Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella inoculations. CATS four months and older need up-to-date Rabies and “FVRCP.”

Hours of Operation: We provide 24-hour coverage of care for pet guests. We close in honor of major Federal holidays. Late check-outs shall incur a daily rate charge for the care and services we must provide your pet during that time.

After Hours Fee: When we are closed to the public, departures and arrivals shall incur a $50 fee and must be prepaid for services and arrangement must be made for set time. We accept reservations with a required, one-night deposit for all guests staying more than 10 days or during peak times. For reservations cancelled 5 days prior to arrival, we fully refund your deposit. All rates and services are subject to availability and change. We do not up-charge during peak periods. We ask that you bring your own food to reduce the risk of any upset stomachs, we ask that you please prepare each meal’s serving size in a separate baggie for each day of your pet’s stay or food must be in sealed container no open bags of food allowed.

Waiver of Liability & Medical Need: In the rare case of an emergency or health concern, we will contact you. We shall administer aid and nonprescription treatments, as needed. If veterinarian attention is deemed necessary, we shall take your pet to our veterinarian on call; or, to a 24-hour, veterinary emergency hospital if your vet is not available. With admittance, you accept responsibility for any expenses resulting from such outside treatment, as needed in the event of accidental injury, illness, or symptoms, arising during or after your pet’s stay with us. Please understand that despite Yuppy Puppy’s commitment to the highest standard of pet care and supervision and to facility design and cleanliness, accidental injury and illness may occur. Pet owners are solely responsible and liable for any and all actions of their pet during the stay at Yuppy Puppy, including, and not limited to, injury to another pet, a Yuppy Puppy staff member, or a member of the public.

Personal Items: Yuppy Puppy is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

Media Release: Images or videos of your pets and you might be taken for social media or marketing material. Your signature on the policies and admittance agreement grants unrestricted use and publishing of any such images.